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It's summertime and the livin' is easy. Let the summer wind come blowin' in as you listen to two sets of laid back, summertime tunes. All perfect for relaxing on the patio with some gin and tonic.

Listen Now

Terry Callier -- Love Two Love (1978)
James Taylor Quartet -- Baby Come Back (2020)
Sergio Mendes & Brasil '77 -- Love Music (1973)
Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames -- Sweet Thing (1966)
熊猫加速器好用么 -- About Love (1972)
Janis Siegel -- Lovin' Eyes (2020)
熊猫加速器怎么使用 -- Revival (2020)
Emanuel K. Rahim and the Kahliqs -- Al-Alim (1973)

The Jelly Beans -- I'm Hip To You (1964)
Alphonse Mouzon -- Sunflower (1973)
The Everettes -- Looking For Love (2020)
Lack Of Afro -- You Could Do Better (2020)
Joel Sarakula -- Sunshine Makes Me (2020)
Jean-Paul 'Bluey' Maunick  -- Got To Let My Feelings Show (2020)
Junior Parker -- Taxman (1970)
100% Pure Poison -- Windy C (1974)

Some cool, funky, mod jazz.

Ben Sidran -- Poor Girl


Modcast #456: Right On Target

熊猫加速器好用么Two sets of absolutely fabulous music for the modern mod. This week's modcast is a dynamite show with two sets jam packed with mod friendly songs, every one of 'em a winner.  Don't believe me? Just listen to this. You'll be glad you did.

Listen Now

Diamond Hands -- Hide Away (2020)
The False Positives -- Favorite Things (2020)
熊猫加速器好用么-- Life Worth Living (2020)
Johnny Marr -- The Right Thing Right (2013)
RAF -- Get What You Get (2019)
Hi-End -- Perfect Company (2020)
The Whiffs -- On The Boulevard (2020)
Len Price 3 -- You Tell Lies (2010)
Chardon Square -- Moving Bright Colors (1984)

Voodoos -- TV Set (2020)
Marc Platt -- Joe Strummer (2020)
The Palisades -- All Around The World (2018)
Kickovers -- Black And Blue (2002)
Duncan Reid And The Big Heads -- Welcome To My World (2020)
The Rifles -- Inbetween Days (2006)
The Action -- Never Been To Boston (2017)
Dot Dash -- The Color And The Sound (2011)

False Positives -- Favorite Things

The Whiffs - Please Be True (live unreleased)


Modcast #455: Endless Bummer

DJ Ken & Michael Simmons are at the controls this week, dialing in the summer season. 


Dobie Gray -- New Ray of Sunshine (2001)
Michael Simmons -- First Days of Summer (2018)
Pearlfishers -- We'll Be The Summer (2001)
Linus Of Hollywood -- Cabin Life (2018)
Astral Drive -- Summer of '76 (2018)
Popdudes -- Ridin' In My Car (2020)
Raspberries -- Drivin' Around (1972)
Latin Soul Syndicate -- In My '64 (2003)
Rob Bonfiglio -- Passenger Seat (2018)
Dean Friedman -- Summer Days (2002)
Orange Peels -- Seaside Holiday (2020, 2009)
American Breed -- Cool It (We're Not Alone) (1968)
Alan Boyd -- Channel Surfing (2004)

Remember the Thunder - Aurora Model Motoring


Modcast #454: 3 Chords, 3 Minutes & Skinny Ties

Three minutes, three chords, and skinny ties is one of the best recipes for music. This week I've got your full meal deal of mostly late 70s and early 80s power pop. The tracks here are what I fondly call lesser lights, not as a slight, but rather as an acknowledgement that they should've been so much more. There are at least a dozen shoulda been hits right here in this modcast.

Listen Now

The Fans -- You Don't Live Here Anymore (1980)
The Official Secrets -- Fooling With My Heart (1980)
The Innocents -- Every Wednesday Night At Eight (1980)
The Click -- Just Another Monday (1983)
Expressos -- Want (1981)
The Really 3rds -- Daptapper (1981)
Shivvers -- Teenline (1980)
The Spoil -- Dream On (1983)
The Telefones -- Brave New World (1981)
Nines -- Holiday (1982)
The Tweeds -- I Need That Record (1981)
Mod Lang -- Because Of You (1982)
Crash! -- Alright On The Night (1981)
Ivy & The Teachers -- Angry Faces (1980)
Start -- No Direction (1980)
Terminal Spectators -- Another Day Another Dream (1982)


Modcast #453: Better Things

What a time to be alive. None of us has ever lived through a pandemic like this. Around the world people are affected in different ways and to different degrees. One thing that for me is a constant comfort is music. I've been listening to a lot of classic tracks the past couple of months. Like comfort food, this is comfort music. I love my comfort foods from ice cream to mac and cheese to chex mix. And of course all the cocktail accompanists. So motown to lounge, power pop to jazz, and all manner of genres in between. I call it ear candy, and it is helpful in soothing the soul.

I thought I'd reach out to some friends, various musicians, DJs, artists, and so on and find out what it is they're listening to during these tough times. What's their go-to comfort music? Joining me are Neal from Modest Proposal, Don from The Inciters, Dfactor Dave, Andrè M, Mike from Vista Blue, Wayne from 雷神加速器无限试用-雷神加速器无限时长app下载预约v4.0.1 ...:2021-12-27 · 雷神加速器无限版app是一款加速器,用于给游戏或其他应用加速。但当前加速软件或多或少带有一点问题,大部分加速器最好用的时候居然是试用的时候,等真正购买之后,会发现总带有一些问题。其实这也是加速器常见的问题,很多时候并不是加速器不好用,而且无法做到与系统完全兼容。, and Parka Pat from the Addicted to the Needle podcast.

Here then is what they came up with, mixed in with a couple of sets of my own picks, one from the sixties and one from the eighties. I hope it makes you feel as good as it does me.

Listen Now

Neal Augentstein | Fountains of Wayne -- Better Things
熊猫加速器怎么使用| Les Hou-Lops -- Pas Besoin D'un Docteur
The Miracles -- Shop Around
The Temptations -- Get Ready
The Four Tops -- Standing In The Shadows Of Love
Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames -- Baby Please Don't Go
Wayne Lundquist Ford | Terry Reid -- This Time
Don Roland | Phyllis Dillon -- Perfidia
Small Faces -- Tell Me Have You Ever Seen Me
The Who -- The Real Me
Pretty Things -- SF Sorrow Is Born
The Doors -- Break On Through
Mike Patton | Fountains Of Wayne -- Radiation Vibe
DFactor Dave | The Strokes -- Brooklynn Bridge To Chorus
Manual Scan -- Nothing Can Be Everything
The Untouchables -- The General
Salvation Army -- Mind Gardens
The Crooks -- Modern Boys
The Jam -- Ghosts
Swing Out Sister --  You On My Mind
Culture Club -- Church Of The Poison Mind
熊猫加速器怎么使用 | Big John Patton -- Along Came John
Don Roland | The Blasters -- I'm Shakin'

Fountains of Wayne -- Better Things



Got your best threads on? Gor your rhythm shoes ready? Put some talcum on the hardwoods and get ready to groove baby, because you're about to get funked. I've mixed up a full show of funky, chunky, sometimes discoey soul just for you.


Crowd Pleasers -- Ohio We're Gonna Dance (1979)
Edwin Starr -- Bigger And Better (1980)
Billy Ocean -- Love Really Hurts Without You (1976)
Pedigree Cuts -- Yeah Yeah Yeah
Skeewiff -- Get Down To the Pumped Up Funk (2014)
The Getup --Straight From The Hob (2014)
Jamiroquai -- Little L (2001)
King Britt & Sylk 130 -- When The Funk Hits The Fan (1998)
Fishbone -- Bonin' In The Jungle (1990)
Michael Kiwanuka & Tom Misch -- Money (2019)
Chaka Khan -- Like Sugar (2018)
Corduroy -- Magic Mountain (2018)
Brothers Johnson -- Stomp (1980)
Hot Chocolate -- Girl Crazy (1982)
The Spinners -- It's A Shame (1970)
Mayer Hawthorne -- Make Her Mine (2009)
Aretha Franklin -- Rock Steady (1972)

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Modcast #451: Songs for the Cocktail Hour

It's happy hour somewhere, and to celebrate Mary Queen of Cosmos joins me to share some great music for you cocktail hour.  We've got now sounds from back then, and new tunes with old twists. So, mix yourself a tasty libation, and get ready to get happy.

Listen Now

Dr. K -- Martini Swing (2005)
Dionne Warwick -- Always Something There To Remind Me (1973)
Avalanches -- If I Was A Folkstar (2016)
Martinibomb -- Operation Fascination (2012)
Vince Guaraldi Trio -- Cast Your Fate To The Wind (1962)
Stereolab -- Cellulose Sunshine (2008)
Hammond Experss -- Ass Enchilada (2007)
The Ramsey Lewis Trio -- The In Crowd (live 1965)
Esquivel -- Yeyo (1968)
Orgone -- The Vice Yard (2020)
The Style Council -- Dropping Bombs On The White House (1984)
The Budos Band -- My Girl (2007)
Stan Getz & Charlie Byrd -- Desafinado (1962)
Johnny Astro -- Patio Pizzicato (1999)
Badly Drawn Boy -- Once Around The Block (2000)
Gert Wilden & Orchestra -- Dirty Beat (1970)

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Mr. Suave's Mod Mod World. Mod friendly music mixes since 2006.


Modcast #450: Music For Hanging Out

Spring is in the air, the grill is hot and the cocktails are cold, and here's your soundtrack for just kicking back and enjoying life. All new music this week, with lots of power pop, garage rock and soulful vibes coming your way.

Listen Now

熊猫加速器怎么使用 -- Sleep Too Long (2020)
The Corner Laughers -- Sisters Of The Pollen (2020)
It's Karma It's Cool -- Back In '78 (2020)
Nat Freedberg -- Ain't Nothin' Sacred No More (2020)
Marc Platt -- Joe Strummer (2020)
The Bumblebats -- Balaclava (2020)
The Speedways -- Love Really Hurts Without You (2020)
Canine 10 -- Sick Joke (2020)
The Ghost Wolves -- Let's Go To Mars (2020)
Brad Marino -- False Alarm (2020)
Outtacontroller -- City Lights (2020)
The Ratboys -- Sonic Boy (2020)
X -- Water & Wine (2020)
Billie Joe Armstrong -- Manic Monday (2020)

Diamond Hands - Tomorrow Can Wait

The Ghost Wolves - Day Will Follow Dawn


Modcast #449: The Innocents Ride Again

The 1980s, 2-stroke terrors of So-Cal's Inland Empire ride again. This week a few old scooter buddies join me in celebrating all of our shelter in place orders. From our old days riding around southern California as the way too pretentious Innocents 21+ ESC, to our graying geezerhood, we pulled together a few tracks each for this thematic show.

Listen Now

The Clash -- Four Horsemen
The Lambrettas -- Beat Boys In The Jet Age
Fine Young Cannibals -- Good Thing
Brian Briggs -- See You On the Other Side
The New Lime -- Sunny
Lemon Preacher -- Flowers Never Bend With The Rainfall
Pomplamoose -- Mr. Blue Sky
Sonic Archers -- Blue Smoke
The Untouchables -- Whiplash
The Romantics -- 21 And Over
The Knack -- Let Me Out
Fountains of Wayne -- New Routine
Spearmint -- We're Going Out
The Kinks -- Better Things

Fountains of Wayne -- Better Things (Live Conan O'Brien, Sept. 21, 2001)

Pomplamoose -- Mr. Blue Sky



You know the old saying, man plans and the gods laugh. Well they had a good chuckle when another planned modcast sort of crashed and burned. So with almost no time to prepare our old friend and sometime guest host, DJ Ken, partnered up with me to throw together a show on the fly, slapdash style. We spun up the relevant music machines and came up with a nice mix of tunes. Hopefully, we can rebuild the other show bigger, better, faster and showier.

Listen Now

The Strypes -- [I need a break from] Holidays
Paul Weller -- I'm Where I Should Be
Galileo 7 -- Everything is Everything Else
Eli Paperboy Reed -- Lovers Compensation
ABC -- The Flames Of Desire
Weeklings -- Change Your Mind
Bram Tchaikovsy --STrange Man Change Man
Overtures -- Still On My Mind
Fratellis -- Sugartown
Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio -- Concussion
Corduroy -- Clockwork man
The Chats -- Bus Money
Parquet courts -- Almost Had to start a fightin' and out of patience
Foxhall Stacks -- Turntable Exiles

Jerry Miller from The Untouchable's has been suffering from kidney failure and a friend put this Go Fund Me page together to help raise some much needed cash for his medical expenses. Check it out and help out if you can.

The Chats -- Nambored

The Overtures - Onceinaworld

April 14, 2020

Modcast #447: Kids Want Hits

It's not just the kids, everybody wants hits these days. So, here you go, some great, feel good music to get you through the day. Got lots of new tunes, as well as a few past classics. Enjoy.

Listen Now

熊猫加速器好用么 -- Kids Want Hits (2019)
Subculture -- Break Me Free (2020)
熊猫加速器下载 -- Glam (2019)
熊猫加速器怎么使用 -- I'm In Trouble (2020)
The Spitfires -- (Just Won't) Keep Me Down (2020)
Vista Blue -- Emmaline is Quarantined (2020)
Teenage Fanclub -- Slow Fade (2005)
Addison Love -- Like The Beatles (2018)
Fountains Of Wayne -- The Summer Place (2011)
The Hannah Barberas -- No Mystery (2020)
Kid Gulliver -- Susie Survived Chemotherapy (2020)
DFactor Pop - Home Of The Brave (2020)
熊猫加速器怎么使用 -- Ain't No Use (2020)
Quincy -- A Get Well Card From The Devil (2020)
SA Renyers -- Sharp Reminders (2019)
Lucy & the Rats -- Dark Clouds (2020)
熊猫加速器怎么使用-- All Around The Moon (2020)

Tommy Ray -- Ain't No Use



Mary Queen of Cosmos vents her coronavirus frustrations and I clap back with some happier tracks featuring the likes of The Lambrettas, Squire, Rancid, Orgone, Wolf Alice, Elvis Costello, Time Zone, Car Seat Headrest,Small Faces, The Clash & more.


Deltron 3030 -- Virus
Elvis Costello -- Waiting for the End of the World
The Creation-Life is Just Beginning – 1967 single release
Car Seat Headrest -- Times to Die
small Faces -- Don't Burst My Bubble
Wolf Alice -- You're a Germ
MxPx - - I'm Ok, You're Ok
Orgone -- Waiting
Squire -- It's Getting Better
Selecter -- Time Hard http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZbL7PVGjqg
The Lambrettas - Good times
The Rentals -- Waiting
Rancid -- I ain't worried
Idles -- Cry to Me
Madness -- The Sun and the Rain
The Raveonettes -- My Time's Up
The Clash -- I'm Not Down
Time Zone -- World Destruction
The Ramones -- I Believe In Miracles

Mary Queen of Cosmos wants to ease your C-19 suffering with this delish mix of gin and bourbon.

The Suffering Bastard
1 oz Bourbon
1 oz London dry gin
1/2 oz Fresh lime juice
2 dashes Angostura bitters
Ginger ale, to top
Garnish: Mint sprig

Add the bourbon, gin, lime juice and bitters into a shaker with ice and shake until well-chilled (about 30 seconds).
Strain into a Collins glass over fresh ice.
Top with the ginger ale.
Garnish with a mint sprig

Elvis Costello - Waiting For The End Of The World (live, 1978)
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